April 19, 2017 -
9:45 AM to 11:00 AM
Diamond 1

A baby’s growth and development occurs throughout the whole 40 weeks of a pregnancy.  According to the CDC, in 2012, more than 450,000 babies were affected by preterm birth.  That is one out of every 9 babies born in the United States.  Preterm birth is one of the leading causes of death in an infant prior to their first birth.  Preterm birth is also the leading cause of long term neurological disabilities in children.

There are different factors associated with preterm birth, including socioeconomic factors, behavioral factors and medical conditions. Home health providers can educate clients on important steps that they can take to reduce the risk of preterm birth, signs and symptoms of preterm labor, and how to decrease those end of pregnancy discomforts. 

Our presentation will increase the knowledge of preterm births in Nebraska and steps to decrease preterm birth.  We will also discuss the short and long term impact of a preterm birth on a family.

Jackie Moline and Mary Larsen

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