April 19, 2017 -
3:45 PM to 5:00 PM
Diamond 5

As home visitors for Sixpence Early Learning Program in Scottsbluff Nebraska we use lessons from two different curriculums, Parents as Teachers (PAT) and Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG). We are required to document in TSG the different objectives and dimensions that the children we service have reached. In an effort to make documentation easier we have developed a process that aligns both curriculums, Teaching Strategies Gold and Parents as Teachers.  We would like to share this with other home visitors that use them as well; to hopefully make it easier to document in TSG while using the lessons in PAT and TSG.  We will walk you through our process in preparing example lessons to demonstrate the way we use these two programs along with our alignment.  Our goal for this session is to show the process from planning to documenting and give participants a chance to practice and plan. Ultimately, by sharing our alignment with other home visitors we hope they can find it useful in their own documenting process and weekly planning.

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